So, let me guess.

You never expected to find this parenting gig to be so hard

You want to keep calm, but it's hard. Boy, it's hard.

Some days you find yourself turning into one of those parents. The sort you swore you'd never be.

The sort that lose their tempers. The sort who yell. Regularly.

You have the best intentions. You try, and try, but it never seems to get any easier.

Because it's hard to work out how to stop yelling at your kids.

It's frustrating. And demoralising, and the yell-guilt-remorse cycle really sucks.

And you deserve better

You deserve to have your kids listen to you. You deserve to have the family life you imagined.

And your kids deserve it too.

And the truth is, there is a better way. And I can help you discover it.

Because that perfect family life you imaged is achievable. 

You can raise positive, resilient kids. And live a positive, resilient, enjoyable life yourself.

Hi, I'm Cate Scolnik

Sometimes my name makes peoples' eyes pop, or get tongue-tied.

It’s not really as hard as it looks. Try saying, "Cate’s cold, Nick." There, that’s close enough.

The first thing you should know about me is that I have yelled at my kids.

At one stage, my kids wouldn't listen to me unless I yelled. And I yelled often.

I pushed myself, and I pushed my kids, and it didn't work.

I knew there must be a better way, so I went out and I found it.

I found lots of theories, and lots of strategies, and most of it didn't work.

But eventually I found some things that did work. Simple, gentle techniques that are effective.

Ways to connect with my kids, and get them to listen, without yelling.

Cate Scolnik teaches positive parenting

How To Stop Yelling And Start Positive Parenting

You came here because you want to know how to stop yelling at your kids, right?

Well I want to help you, and here's why.

I know what it's like to keep trying to be an effective parent, and get nowhere. I know what it's like to read parenting books and not find the solutions.

You came here because you want simple, gentle, effective techniques to help you raise positive kids.

You want to turn things around. To stop chasing perfection, and start building strong connections with your family.

You want to start living the family life you envisaged before you children came into the world.

And we're going to do that. You and me, together.

All you have to do is subscribe, and I'll send you weekly tools and tips. Parenting strategies that work.

It's totally free, and delivered to your door (well, your inbox, which is more convenient).

Stop yelling and create a family that listens to each other

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How To Train Your Children is ...

... inspired by a popular series of books about people and dragons - two warring parties who form an allegiance.

The people learn that by working with the dragons they can form an amazing partnership. One that is far greater than the sum of its parts. To outsiders it appears that the dragons are tame, but the reality is that they’re a team, and each member has a role to play.

It’s the same in families. We can choose to fight and argue, or we can harness trust, communication and understanding, and together become unstoppable.

Are you ready to make your family fly?

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