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The Shocking Truth About Getting Kids To Listen

getting kids to listen

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve asked your child to pick their shoes up and put them away and they’ve agreed.

Well, sort of.

They’ve said, “Yes, I’ll do it in a minute” and then gone back to watching their TV show.

Half an hour later you come back in the room and the shoes are still not put away, so you ask again.

This time you tell them that “If the shoes are not put away before the end of this show, the television will go off!”

Your child says, “Yes, mum.” In that dreary, brow-beaten voice they impersonate so well.

Of course, when you come back a few minutes later the TV show has finished and … the shoes are still on the floor. Where they’ve been since the kids arrived home from school.


Does this happen to you?

Do you have trouble getting kids to listen?

Because here’s the thing that no one will tell you.

You may be communicating with them all wrong.

You see, I realise I’ve been setting a poor example, and you may have been doing it too.

Here’s why.

I use all the strategies I tell you with my kids.

But sometimes they don’t work.

Sometimes my kids don’t listen to me.

And I think I know why.

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How To Disown Your Children (And 5 Reasons You Should)

Don’t pretend you haven’t imagined it.

Every parent on the planet fantasizes about disowning their children at some stage. It might be fleeting and frivolous, but we’ve imagined it or joked about it.

We’ve thought about how much easier it would be to have a pet.

Or jested about changing the locks while the kids are out.

Or talked about swapping our kids for the neighbours kids (who seem so much easier to look after).

Of course we’re not serious.

We love our kids, but living with them sometimes drives us a bit … mad.

It’s normal. All parents go a little crazy, or feel a little insane at times.

And I’m not suggesting you should actually disown your children.

But I do think it’s healthy to disown some of the emotional baggage around parenting.

Disown the anxiety.

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36 Kick-Ass Ways To Get Your Kids To Listen

It’s what every parent wonders.

How to get kids to listen, that is.

So you don't get tied in an enormous knot of frustration so big you feel like Mount Vesuvius about to erupt.

So you don't have to repeat yourself … over and over and over.

So your kids no longer tune you out.

And you don't have to resort to yelling just to be heard.

The good news is that you can stop tearing your hair out now. I’ve got you covered with these 36 Kick-Ass Ways To Get Your Kids To Listen.

It’s a round-up of the best advice from the best parenting experts. 

So let’s dive in, shall we?

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