Top 3 Facebook Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Desktop Website

Facebook being among the largest social network website, comes with a variety of Facebook tips and tricks to its users. As much as Facebook is popular and a good source of relaxation for many, it also has the potential of annoying you when not used in a proper way. There are many aspects that Facebook could learn from but the tips given below would definitely help in keeping your Facebook experience more enjoyable. So stick around and read on:

Use your business page as a tool. Every time you post something on your business page, it is published on the news feed of all your fans, so make sure to update yourself on every happening through your fan page. You can easily do this by simply updating yourself through a news feed or you can post a video for your fans to see every time there’s a new upload on your page. One of Facebook’s most useful tricks to get traffic is to have a “like” section on your profile. Every time you have a “like” or a comment on a status update or a photo, it is visible to all your fans.

Don’t be afraid of using hacks to boost your Facebook fans. These hacks are meant to make your page more popular and thus obtain more fans. Some of these hacks include using a cover photo on your business page, writing a lot of captions, posting your URL and others. Although some of these hacks have been proven to work, some of them don’t, therefore it’s still best to play it safe and never use them unless you are 100% certain that they will help you. These Facebook tricks also come with negative effects, so be careful if you are planning to use any of these hacks.

Another important Facebook tip for business owners is to be aware of CTA links. A CTA link is a link usually found at the end of a post, a blog entry, a status update, or an upload on Facebook. This link serves as a link that readers can click on in order to take them directly to a website. Be sure that your company’s CTA is clear so that readers won’t get confused about where they should go.

Social media fans are attracted to “hits,” or the people who like your posts on their walls or in their news feeds. You can encourage Facebook members to share your content by using the Hint feature. If you want to attract more hits, be sure to release new videos daily so that you can update your business page and the media feeds regularly. The more information you give about your products and services, the better.

A new Facebook tip you can use to attract more targeted ads is to use targeted ads. By targeting ads based on location, language, demographics, and more, you can expose your site only to the audience that is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This means that your content, which is most likely to appeal to your existing customers, won’t appear on ads for products or services that don’t match your target profile. You can learn more about targeted ads from the Facebook community insights section.

If you haven’t already created an app for your desktop, now is the time to do it. The app will help you connect with your audience even more and it will also serve as a great way to promote your business without having to invest a lot of time and money. You can use the Facebook news feed to share information about your new app or a blog post without creating a new app. This strategy allows you to work on your app while you continue to work on your other social media marketing strategies.

To make sure that your desktop website is properly optimized for mobile use, be sure to go through the Facebook explore section. The left navigation panel at the top right of the screen offers a great opportunity to test your Facebook applications without having to create a new one. You can tap on the big “Create” button to get started. As you work through the top right menu (three horizontal lines), you’ll see that there are different ways to add content to your desktop website.