Why Internet Marketing Should Not Replace Traditional Marketing

Internet marketing, in short, is the branch of advertising that uses digital technology like desktop computers, hand held mobile phones and various other electronic media and interactive platforms to advertise products and services. It is one of the fast growing industries in the world with a very significant future scope. It covers a huge range of activities that can be done online like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, banner ads, social media advertising, e-mail marketing, etc. These activities generate revenue for a company through direct and indirect means. The results of these activities are not only good for a company but also help to achieve the company’s business objectives and strategies.

internet marketing

Driving traffic to the website is one of the key tasks of internet marketing. This task can be achieved in various ways. The most popular and effective way to drive traffic is by SEO (search engine optimization). SEO involves building relevant, interesting and useful links to the website from popular websites in the niche that the company represents. These links should be genuine and one way so that people can easily get to your site. These links will not only drive traffic to the company website, but will also help you rank high on different search engines leading to a higher ranking on the top result page.

Another important tool of internet marketing is email marketing. In this strategy a company advertises its product and services through emails sent to the customers. In today’s world, email marketing has become a powerful tool because it is inexpensive and reaches the masses. This method of internet marketing can be used for various purposes like sending mass promotional emails, providing customer updates and informing customers about new products. Apart from this, paid advertisements are also a very effective and reliable method of driving more traffic to a website.

On the other hand, traditional marketing may seem to be ineffective because it targets only a certain audience. A consumer in the USA might be interested in a particular product and be totally unaware of another one. So, for internet marketing to be effective, it should reach every consumer in the country. In case it does not, the advertising campaign might appear insincere and not have any effect.

Another tool that is commonly used by internet marketing is content marketing. Content marketing deals with writing content related to the company or brand and putting it on the website and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It helps to increase the traffic to the website and improve the ranking of the website. A well written content marketing campaign can lead to organic growth of the company’s reputation. It also provides a platform for brand’s brands to be exposed to millions of viewers across the globe.

But the best thing about content marketing is that there are only seven types of content marketing. These include article marketing, video marketing, blog marketing, press release marketing, video promotion and podcasting, social media marketing and contextual advertising. Each type has different advantages and drawbacks and is suited to different types of internet marketing campaigns. For example, article marketing can work well for a brand if it is able to create high quality and unique articles for submission in article directories. On the other hand, video promotion can work well for an SEO campaign if the campaign includes video uploads on YouTube and social media marketing can work well for a paid advertising campaign if the advertisement includes relevant content.

So far, so good. The only problem is that content marketing is not suitable for all types of internet marketing campaigns. The reason is that it takes a long time to write the articles, submit them and then publish them. This means the advertisements placed afterwards may appear in the form of sponsored links or paid advertisements which do not fit in with the rest of the campaign. In addition, traditional marketing may appear on top of the article or video, which can confuse the consumer and sometimes distract from the main message.

If you have a website, traditional marketing methods such as search engine optimization and paid advertising may seem more suited. However, if your main focus is on improving customer relations, email marketing and online promotions may be more appropriate. The rule of thumb is that internet marketing should complement traditional marketing. If consumers cannot find what they need when they visit your website, it is pointless to bother with internet marketing. Instead, they should go to the website where they will find exactly what they need; the perfect product, the perfect price, information about how to make it happen and more.